Are You Really Fit For Your Desired Job?

How often do you think about how fit you are for the job you’re applying for? Job searchers usually tend to act desperately and drop their CVs even for the positions they’re either less qualified or a complete mismatch. Almost all of us act in the same way and go out of our way in our efforts to acquire a well-paying job. But often our desperation turns into disappointment. Why is it so?

What actually happens is that we often apply for a job we’re neither qualified nor trained for. In other cases, our qualifications do not fully match with those required by the job. What we need is the realization that if we do not have what the job we’re applying for requires, we could just end up wasting time filling out application forms. The results are worse and being constantly turned down demoralizes us and we lose hope after a few attempts.

The first thing is to keep your qualification and interest in front of you and make sure that both complement each other. For instance, if you have a medical degree and are for a well-paying construction job, there’s no chance that you’ll get the job. And even if you accidentally do get it, the chances of your survival in the job are very slim and you’ll soon see yourself failing to perform. On the other hand, if you have an engineering qualification,hotel jobs online a construction job can be a perfect match for you. Needless to say, some jobs require more qualifications than others. For example, a sales job may need a certain level of experience, whereas becoming a doctor will obviously require several years of training to become successful. So, you need to think carefully about what area of work you want to go into before you start applying for any type of job at all.

Another common scenario is the job searcher has a very specific idea of what he likes to do, but is not sure which job would suit him best. For instance, you’re interested in making your career in writing, and you’re also very good at it, but you have no idea of how to live off writing. In this case, a career adviser can be of great help for you and can counsel you on how to transform your interest into your career.


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