Dating Tips on How to Impress Single Women in Bars and Nightclubs

out with their girlfriends, to dance, or get drunk. Their main purpose in the back of their minds is to meet men. And you can score with them if you will just follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t drink too much! Even worse, don’t get drunk. Women are very turned off by drunk men. Plus, if all you do is drink all night, this is wasted time that you should be spending approaching and meeting women. I recommend that you do your drinking at home before you go out. Then just sip on cokes when you get to the bar. What I used to do is order a glass of wine and sip on it all night. This will save a lot of money on your bar tap too.
  • Chances are you are going to get your advances rejected by women. And some women will turn you down when you ask them to dance. Most men give up on meeting women after they have been rejected a couple of times. They get frustrated and just drink more to drown their sorrows and go home with their tale between their legs.You must never give up! You must be persistent! Keep approaching women until you meet someone who is interested in you. If you don’t have any luck in the bar or nightclub Tavern in Bellingham, just leave and go to another place and maybe you will have better luck. Just keep trying to score with someone if it takes you all night.
  • Don’t hang around the bar areas and I will tell you why. Most women don’t hang out at the bar. Take a look around and you will see all the women hiding in the dark corners of the bars and nightclubs. Most guys are too shy to approach these lovely ladies who are in the remote areas of the club or bar.It’s really quite simple, guys, to meet these hot and sexy women. Just approach them, introduce yourself, and ask them to dance or if you can join them for some conversation. You’ll be way ahead of any competition from other men if you just have the balls to approach women


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