Do-It-Yourself Drywall Tips

Drywall is the popular term for pre-fabricated plaster wall panels. These panels are easy to install, but can take some hard work to repair. Therefore, your best bet is to avoid basic mistakes when installing your drywall to save yourself the headache of having to redo the job.

One of the best Drywall Contractor near me tips concerns the surface on which the drywall is to be installed. Walls must be flat and framing has to be straight at right angles, or true. Studs or rafters that are bowed must be planned to flatten them before work begins. To test the walls, stretch a piece of string across it to determine if the studs are all on the same plane. Redo as necessary.

Cutting drywall doesn’t have to involve sawing at a panel until the sections separate. You’ll only end up with a prematurely-dull utility knife and a scratched surface underneath. Draw a line across the panel of drywall you want to cut, ensuring that it is completely straight with the aid of a drywall T-square. Score down this line just deep enough to cut through the backing paper. Then, just lift the panel and snap it right down this guide-line. Complete the cut by slicing through the remaining layer of backing paper and smoothen any rough edges.

It’s easy to go overboard when applying the joint compound, or mud, when it comes to taping and mudding your drywall. Some people work their joint too much, too early, and this is a no-no! Good drywall tips instruct to first apply the tape, and spread a thin layer of compound over the tape to embed it. Leave it to dry before scraping it slightly to level any high spots and apply a second layer if needed.

Drywall hanging may seem simple initially, but those who have attempted it know that installing drywall correctly can be a lifelong learning process. Those who can never seem to get it right can take heart; success is the preserve of a select few.

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