How To Choose A Webmaster – Cruising The Online Street

Browsing is reminiscent of the cruising teenagers used to do in there 1954 Chevrolets. Cruising the downtown street was an opportunity to visit favorite places, say hello to friends, get current information of interest and just enjoy the world in general.

Browsing, or cruising, the internet offers many of the same conventions while you sit in the driver’s seat at your computer. On the internet are your favorite sites, instant messaging and email for touching base with your friends, up-to-the minute information about any topic of interest and a way to access the whole world.

Once you decide to join the crowd and build a website, there are many important considerations that should go into your project. A webmaster can help you make sure the ‘drive’ is safe and enjoyable!

Building A Hotrod Website

Many hotrod restorations are called ‘frame-up’ jobs. The car is stripped to its bare frame and everything on the car is restored on step at a time until completion.

Along the way are hundreds of important decisions that affect the final product – everything from custom exhaust systems to door handles. There are so many intricacies that normally an expert is hired to assist with the project, especially for the bodywork.

Building a website is no different. When you decide to own a website, the intricacies of the internet and how to drive business or traffic to the site are best handled by a professional webmaster.

What should you look for in a webmaster?

– Current in website creation methods

– Current in website enhancement techniques including video

– Clear on website ownership issues

– Experienced and has examples of work completed you can review

– Able to apply search engine optimization techniques

– Offers owner access for changes or input

– Willing to incorporate owner written material

– Good communication skills

– Provides statistical analysis of website traffic

– Hourly or project cost fits within your budget

A webmaster has the big responsibility to satisfy your project requirements, within a budget, on-time and successfully drive business to your site. A webmaster is a professional. The company you hire will understand how to create an effective website that is easy to use.

It is extremely frustrating when you turn the key on your hotrod and nothing happens. It is just as frustrating to visit a website and not be able find what you want or is so convoluted it is impossible to browse. A webmaster insures that your website does not fall prey to these common mistakes.


You are cruising in your hotrod and suddenly smoke starts coming out the tailpipe. The inevitable breakdown occurs and you are stuck on the side of the highway. No need to panic though, because the expert who helped assemble the car will also help with the repairs.

Your website, once built, will always need maintenance. There will be upgrades, new additions, deletions, problems and expansions needed on the site. The webmaster you choose should offer site maintenance. Some common needs include:

– Addition of new information about your company

– Changing graphics

– New pages or information

– Corrections

– Changes resulting from user comments

– Redesigns

Webmasters also have plans that include marketing your website. Naturally, just like taking the disabled hotrod to the mechanic for repairs, maintenance and marketing plans usually incur additional charges.

When you sign a contract with a webmaster, make sure the rates are ones you can afford and are consistent with market pricing. If at all possible, try to hire a webmaster that includes marketing in the initial quote.

Back On The Highway

You want your hotrod cruising the streets, not sitting in a garage. Your website is meant to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. An inoperable site is worthless to a business.


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