How to choose an opal engagement ring


Do you have plans to propose to the woman you want to spend eternity with? Of course, having your wife-to-be say a resounding “yes” when you ask the question will spark excitement and joy for you, but seeing her eyes light up with your ring is even better. Her marriage proposal is the beginning of your eternity with her and requires a lot of preparation: the romantic setting, the unique way of asking her to be your wife, and of course the most important object that discreetly announces that she is your fiancee: the engagement ring.

Today’s engagement ring is not just limited to the ordinary diamond. With all the creative jewelers around the world and all the gemstones coming from different sides of the world, one can choose from a huge collection of rings of different shades and designs. Why be a cliché when you can stand out from the crowd by purchasing an amazing gemstone?  Opal engagement rings are the best choice as the gem itself is made in the country where the best opals come from: Australia. However, as these rings are sold at a high price, many inferior variants are available in stores which are very deceptive and only experienced jewelers can appreciate their ingenuity.

How do experts tell the difference between precious and semi-precious Australian opal engagement rings? Here are the two categories that will help you choose the ring that your sweetheart will flaunt to her friends:

– Radiance – If you look at the gemstone from different angles, you will also see multiple vibrant colors, although the stone is solid black in color. This is just one of the characteristics that set opals apart from the rest of the stones, as the hues of this gem are simply mesmerizing. If an Australian Opal does not reflect many colors it does not mean that it is not authentic. One should look closely to see if the sparkle is alive and if the stone is set between a base stone or another piece of jewellery, e.g. B. a doublet or a triplet. A buyer must examine an opal under a bright light.

– Weight – Like diamonds, opals are also measured in carats. The higher the carat value, the more expensive the stone. Try weighing the jewel with your own hand to determine if the stone is heavier enough to be authentic.

The opal’s luster and weight determine its price in the market. But don’t be fooled if an engagement ring is expensive because sometimes the price doesn’t say anything about the quality of the product itself. When buying your engagement rings, keep these tips in mind:

– Buy from a trusted jeweler. Yes, that might mean expensive jewelry too, but if you think about it, a business that has already made a name for itself in the jewelry industry has won the acclaim of numerous customers over the years. In addition, these stores have established a good relationship with their customers; They will assist you in choosing the jewelry of your choice. Remember: shops that offer the highest quality precious and semi-precious stones to their customers are the ones that stick around in this type of business. When choosing opals, try to find jewelers who source their stones directly from Australia. This means you get the best gemstone (Australian sourced) without too many middlemen pushing the price up.

– Think about branch visits. To buy the ring of your choice, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one trustworthy shop. Remember to browse through the catalogs of all the stores you have found and choose your favorites from their collection. This way you will save yourself the regret of having bought the ring with better design and color.

What are you waiting for? Buy engagement rings with Australian opal. You’ll see the brilliant white flash behind your luscious lips after presenting an opal engagement ring. If you are planning for your bride to celebrate her birthday in October, an opal engagement ring would suit her even better as opal is October’s birthstone.

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