IPODs Selling Like Hotcakes at the Mall


I am doing research to determine what kind of business would be successful on the web. After spending days and weeks looking at web sites and reading hours and hours of come ons for “can’t miss” deals I decided to do it the old fashion way. I went to the mall.

My seven year old son and I visited our local mall the day after Thanksgiving so that I could get ideas about what products are hot and what are not. The mall was packed and it was almost impossible to find a parking spot. The day after Thanksgiving is usually the busiest shopping day of the year. It was a perfect day to observe which stores were busy and which ones were not.

Most stores had good traffic. The very large, name brand department stores had good but not overwhelming traffic. Mid sized retailers with “cool” products like electronics, phones etc. were busy but not off the scale. This is a very big mall, maybe one of the biggest in the country, so there were many choices at every price point for shoppers.

The IPOD store was a completely different experience. It was absolutely the coolest store in the mall with all of the selling ipod nano 7th generation in stock. All of the colors, styles and accessories were on display. The store was probably the size of any mid sized retailer at a typical mall and it was elbow room only. I estimated that there were 300 people in the store at one time. Mostly the shoppers were in their teens to the 30 year old range. The cash register had a long line and many shoppers leaving the store had already purchased.

For me anyway I need to see something to believe it. I had no preconceived notion before going to the mall to observe. I simply wanted to see for myself who had the hottest products for sale. I am fairly sure that I got my answer. During the Christmas season, IPODS are selling like hotcakes. My guess is that for the foreseeable future selling IPODS and IPOD accessories would be worth serious consideration for any business.

Oh about my seven year old son. He stood in line for thirty minutes at a game store in the mall to play Call of Duty (I think) on an XBOX 360. There may be a marketing opportunity in there as well.


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