Is There Some Magic Trick to Making Friends?

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to make friends easily as if there is nothing to it? Do they have some secret or know some Virtual Magician Hire trick that attracts friends like no one else can? There isn’t really a secret to making friends, but there are ways you can attract friends. Most people, even those with tons of friends will tell you they only really have one or two really close friends with which they share virtually everything. If you have that already, you are able to attract more people with common interests and expand your friends circle.

Okay, so now you want to know what you can do to attract more friends. There’s no magic formula for attracting people with which you can socialize with and have fun. Some of it depends on why you want to make friends. Maybe you are a single mom in need of support from those who share in your issues, or maybe you simply want to get out and socialize more. No matter why are are in the market for making friends, you can do it. Here are some simple basic guidelines to help you on your quest to make friends.

Be yourself: Don’t change who you are just to fit in with a specific crowd. Making real friends involves being who you are and finding others who share your interests.

Be positive: A positive attitude attracts people to you. People desire to be around upbeat people because it makes them feel better and lifts their spirits.

Be a good friend: When you make plans to go out with someone make sure to show up on time (especially in the beginning of a relationship). This shows you are a loyal friend who will be there for them.

Talk to acquaintances: Have a chat with some of your coworkers or people you have been around a lot. These contacts can help you find others to socialize with and make it easier to find friends.

These are just basic guidelines to get you started with your journey to making friends. The more you get out and socialize, the more friends you will make. Keep in mind that while having a lot friends seems like the “in” thing to do, having one or two true friends is the best.

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