Making Custom Gemstone Rings

Gemstones are used in a number of jewelry items. They are very popular especially in the case of the rings. One of the most popular types of gemstones is diamonds. However, one can use any other gemstones to make the rings. Custom made gemstone rings are very popular these days. They are easy to make and are very good in quality.

The fact is that you can easily make your gemstone rings at much cheaper price than you can buy the ready made gemstone rings. The best way is to simply purchase the gemstones and craft your very own Tuerkis gemstone rings.

You will need some things to make the gemstone rings yourself that include, ring settings, a pair of needle nose pliers and a set of gemstone tweezers.

• First of all you will have to buy the ring settings with the right number of prongs. The number of prongs depends on the type of gemstone you choose. Also, the type of ring mount you choose is totally dependent upon the gemstone’s shape. In case the gemstone has an emerald, Asscher or princess cut, you should use a four-prong setting. You should go for a six-prong setting if your gemstones have a marquisse, round or oval cut.

• You have to determine the size of your gemstones. For that you have to measure them. Whatever the size of the gemstones is, the similar size of ring setting you should buy. This is very important because if you do not have a right sized ring setting, chances are your gemstones will not be able to hold themselves securely in the ring setting.

• After doing the above mentioned things you should place the gemstone into the prongs’ center by simply using a pair of tweezers. In most of the cases, the gemstones appear to fit well in the settings. However, the gemstones are not yet secured.

• You then have to take the pair of needle nose pliers and use it to crimp a single prong at a time over the gemstones. You simply have to position the pliers’ bottom tong at the ring setting’s bottom directly below the prong you are trying to tighten. The other tong has to be placed onto the prong’s top. You then have to carefully apply the pressure to the prong and bend it onto the gemstone.

• You have to keep on tightening every prong keeping your movement diagonal. The process has to be continued till the time every single prong is tightened. It is important to move diagonally to make sure that the gemstones do not fall out of the ring setting.



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