My Coffee Shop Business Plan – What Should it Contain?

Putting together a coffee shop business plan is just one of the many challenges facing any one who wants to start a coffee shop and is in need of funding, so what form and structure should it take?

While there are plans you can download, they will cost money that can be better spent elsewhere and they almost certainly not be tailored to the niche area or locality of your chosen site.

Your opening statement is a key, key part of any document you put together. It’s a bit like hearing a new song on the radio. If you like the first bit, the chances are that your potential investors will hang around for the meat of your coffee shop in london business plan. The statement should cover your idea, management plans, profit projection and so on.

If your ideas are clear, then the next part, your mission statement – should be easier. Will you only serve coffee, what foods will you serve..and what objectives can you set yourself? Do you want to be the number one shop in a specific area? A mission statement will help focus your goals and ideas and it’s a great way to impress potential investors with your ambition.

The financial plan will include your projections on costs and revenue. Don’t forget that you might be able to get local grants and subsidies to encourage new business. You should also have details in mind for every 3 months of your first year, and a five-year plan. Again, this will help you focus on your ideas, structure and how you will make money in the long term.

Writing a coffee shop business plan along these lines will help focus your mind and give you some clues already as to if your start up might be a success.



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