Using Wrought Iron Art To Grow Your Outdoor Art Garden


Wrought iron art offers many options for growing your outdoor art garden. Just as you use wrought iron and other metals for your indoor living areas, think how beautiful they will be in your ‘naturally decorated’ outdoor living area. You can create the same ambience and style (rustic, modern, traditional, Tuscan) outdoors as you are able to do indoors. And, best of all, wrought iron outdoor art is pretty much maintenance free. You can set it and forget it.

How do you decide what metal art to add to your garden? First, take a walk around your backyard and notice the beauty that already exists. In your outdoor living room, you start with a canvas of blue sky, clouds, grass, patios, walks, flowers, vegetables, rocks, gravel, dirt and maybe a few weeds. Look for those special areas that could use some added visual appeal. Imagine which areas would benefit by adding some relaxing sounds.

It might also help if you take a few digital photos nft of your yard to so you can start visualizing where your wrought iron art will look the best.

Here are a few ideas on how to fill some of those backyard spaces that may be bare, boring or beautiful. Do you have a small shaded area? How about a wrought iron bench? Do you have a blooming flower garden? How about a giant metal animal peaking through the flowers? What about lamp posts? Address signs? Rain chains (they are really beautiful). Or, even house numbers? You might also consider tea light candles and holders, garden stakes, hummingbird feeders, spinners, bells and decorative light fixtures — all made from metal.

To further help you decide on your backyard art, I have added a list of the wrought iron items I have in my own back yard garden in Scottsdale, Arizona. Try visualizing some of these objects in your art garden:

* Tall rustic metal flowers (2-3 feet tall garden stakes in the middle of a large flowering garden)

* Metal bench (Black Iron with wood slats placed on a path with a view of the pool and waterfall)

* Patio furniture (heavy black wrought iron table and chairs – maintenance free)

* Bird feeders (Large glass and metal feeders on wrought iron shepherd’s hooks)

* Pair of large metal geese (quietly nibbling grass under one of my trees)

* Whimsical creature (large flying mosquito made from an old leaf rake and long metal pole for a nose)

* Rustic bird house (decorative shape and a pointed metal roof)

* Wind chimes (several different styles with sounds from light tinkling to deep bass gongs)

* Arbors and gates (gated wrought iron arbor w leading to a patio with wall art, potted plants and seating)

* Fire pit (large wrought iron fire pit in a conversation area near the patio)

So, you can see that wrought iron art is a great way to enjoy your outdoor art garden. The expression of art is only limited by the stretch of your imagination. With careful planning and the effective use of your yard art, you can actually create separate activity areas including private reading/resting areas, dining areas, walking paths, serenity gardens, rock gardens and active play areas. You will soon realize that you have expanded your living space by expanding and growing your outdoor art garden.

Now, it is time for you to put some of your ideas to work.

You can start by browsing the internet, visiting garden shops and reading magazines for ideas. You can also browse garage sales and thrift shops. You will find old garden tools, metal buckets and watering cans, a metal trellis or candle holder, metal wagons and old wrought iron furniture. No matter what your budget, you will be come up with lots of ideas for your wrought iron yard art. You can paint and protect it or you can let it weather in the elements.



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