10 Tips on Buying Running Sneakers


For those of us who like to keep in shape, running for a few miles every other day is part of the ordinary. Unfortunately, not all of us use the most adequate gear and pretty often, the sneakers we pick tend to do more harm than good. A good pair can make you feel like flying, but a bad one will feel like running on sand.

So here are ten tips to help you choose a good pair and running shoes and enjoy a better jogging experience


  1. Well, the first one is a no brainer: Get informed about running sneakers. You have to know what to look for before doing your purchase. Learn about pronation, arch support, the different materials used to manufacture running shoes. It’s a good idea to trust the seller when he’s recommending something, but you want to know how to better explain your necessities.
  2. If you have a friend who also likes jogging, make sure to ask him about his gear. If he’s been doing this for a while, you’ll get better insights than if you’ve read every article on this matter. He’ll recommend you models of sneakers, sports apparel, he’ll show you some running techniques and, best of all, you’ll have a good pal to join you in your new hobby. If you’re lucky, he’ll gladly come sport equipment shopping with you. If you don’t know anybody, look for the other runners in the park. If you think you’re not intruding, stop one of them and ask for some information. They will gladly help you.
  3. Bring you old running shoes to the store. A good shoe salesperson can tell a lot by the wear of your shoes and can recommend a similar model or one that would help you correct some of the bad traits of the other.
  4. Tell the salesperson about your situation, the type of the terrain you usually run on, you usual mileage, pronation and any other thing that you noticed while running, either uncomfortable or pleasurable.
  5. If your feet differ in size, make sure you buy a pair that fist best the larger foot.
  6. Make sure the heel fits perfectly and doesn’t slide up and down or any other way.
  7. Think of choosing vintage sneakers made by some known companies in the running world, like ASICS, Saucony, New Balance and of course Nike, Adidas or Puma, but don’t automatically think that the more expensive the shoe the better it is. You can find great running shoes for very affordable prices.
  8. Go in the store wearing a pair of the socks you would usually wear when jogging. You’ll be better able to assess the fit and the salesperson will most likely tell you if the socks you’re using are appropriate for running and recommend you better ones
  9. Go for a test run on a treadmill or around the store and pay close attention at any discomfort you notice. If there’s any, keep in mind that in time it can deform the way you walk and run. Get shoes that help you walk and run correctly.
  10. Last, if you’ve go good recommendations from the salesperson, make sure to remember him and come back to him the next time you want to buy some sneakers. It’s most likely that you’ll get consistently great advice from him.


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