PlayStation 3 Red Light Flashing Fix – It Isn’t As Complicated As You Might Think


Does your PS3 have the yellow light of death? Are you looking for a PlayStation 3 yellow light fix? Would you like to know what things you can do to repair your console? The truth is that there are basically three ways to do this.

Some of them will take longer than others and will cost a lot more. The bottom line is to find that which suits you and go for it. The three major and most reliable methods include:

1. Manufacturer Repairs

Sony has a team of technicians devoted to this issue. All they do morning and night is fix all broken PS3s. So, you can easily package the console again and send it to Sony. Sending it to Sony will cost you $150 at the very least, 6-12 weeks without your console, a formatted HDD, all saved games lost and no reassurance that there won’t be a recurrence.

2. Game Repair Professionals

This is the second and cheaper option. All you have to do is find a game repair professional who is an expert in playstation 5 game yellow light fix (some don’t do it). Google for them if you do not have one in your immediate environ. This is a good alternative to Sony as it is cheaper and less time demanding. With this, you’ll get to part with $60-$140, 6 weeks without your game and the chances of a formatted HDD.

3. Repair it Yourself

This third PlayStation 3 yellow light fix is by far the most effective, cheapest, is less risky and can be done by just anybody regardless of your experience with repairs. All you need is a proven result oriented instructional guide and these you can get in the forms of well explained step-by-step videos. These Instructional videos are so self explanatory that if you watch and follow the steps, you’ll replicate the same results – a permanent PlayStation 3 yellow light fix. Not just that, you can do it without formatting the HDD, losing your games and saving a lot of money.


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