Why Umbrellas Make Great Corporate Gifts


When it comes to deciding on the right corporate gift idea, it is important to consider the intended recipients. The most popular items are those that have the ability to appeal to the wider audience and have a functional or practical purpose. The corporate gift is an effective tool for brand building and can help create a positive impression for the company. It is estimated that sales leads can increase by nearly 22% for companies that hand out freebies to potential customers.

Are umbrellas a practical option

A high-quality umbrella has the potential to make a great corporate premium gift for a variety of reasons. They are used in a wide range of situations and go beyond simply being a useful tool to stay dry in rainy weather. The umbrella comes in many shapes and sizes with the golf umbrellas a great choice for the sports enthusiasts and the beach umbrella makes a typical holiday staple.

Also, the large open space of the umbrella means it is highly rated for its advertising space. This item can easily accept a large logo or design that is printed on multiple panels or the more discreet design that simply involves a single panel.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most appealing umbrellas to use as a corporate gift:


With the golf course making a popular destination for a wide range of business activities, the golf umbrella is certain to make a very practical gift idea. The large and spacious canopy of the umbrella gives plenty of room to advertise the brand, logo, or message. Plus, most of the golf umbrellas are made to a high standard which means they have the potential to offer a long-lasting marketing tool.

In addition to its use on the golf course, the large canopy size is appreciated in many other areas, such as BBQ parties, picnics and at the beach. Any umbrella that is highly versatile has the ability to get the message out at different locations and reach the extended audience.


The tote umbrellas are lightweight and handy to make a very convenient and practical corporate gift. A great quality of this type of umbrella is the multiple options to add the brand or logo. The compact nature of this type of umbrella means it is often carried around folded up in the event of rain showers arriving later in the day. So, to get a marketing message out when the umbrella is not in use, it is worth adding a custom design to the umbrella’s protective case. This makes it possible to continue marketing a brand whether it is in use or not.


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